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US Local League Playoffs USA

1.434Jim Rzonca
2.320Rob Chargo
3.310Bill Hunter
4.310Darwin Sampson
5.301Ron Marsik
6.224Eric Krol
7.210Jeff Puopolo
8.200Eric Davis
9.200Roger Owens
10.123John Medema
11.111Buster Barton
12.111Mike Sowa
13.110Mike Ciaramitaro
14.103Dustin Boyle
15.100David Williams
16.100Jacob Carlson
17.100Joe Puopolo
18.100Kenny Dubois
19.100Kevin Bullard
20.100Paul Shabi
21.100Sean F. Moriarty
22.031Mike Hibbard
23.021Ryan Woodall
24.020Jeff Thill
25.011Bob Monaghan
26.011Cat Merto
27.011Kevin Williams
28.011Ryan Marshall
29.010Alex Walker
30.010Andrey Krukov
31.010Braiden Moriarty
32.010Danny Puopolo
33.010Jason Counts
34.010Jeff Farwell
35.010Joe Kunst
36.010Scott Pytlewski
37.010Steve Bernstein
38.010Steve Puopolo Sr.
39.002Kevin Harla
40.001Brandon Stolz
41.001Bryan Williams
42.001Calvin Rollins
43.001Dan Lord
44.001Darrin Hummel
45.001George Vriones
46.001Mike Caponetti
47.001Sean P. Moriarty
48.001Steve Junge

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (36 tournaments)
17.09.2022Belle Isle Stiga Open Belle Isle, MIPaul Shabi6
03.12.2021CAGA THL Fall 2021 Playoffs Livonia, MIBill Hunter6
02.12.2018Grand Rapids SC 2018 Playoffs Grand Rapids, MIJacob Carlson10
01.12.2018Northwest Chicago THL 2018 Playoffs Rolling Meadows, ILEric Krol11
16.12.2017Northwest Chicago THL 2017 Playoffs Rolling Meadows, ILJohn Medema8
17.03.2017CAGA THL Winter 2017 Playoff Livonia, MIMike Sowa8
08.12.2016CAGA THL Autumn 2016 Playoff Madison, WIMike Ciaramitaro8
08.12.2016Madison Resistance 2016 Playoff Madison, WIDustin Boyle8
19.11.2016Northwest Chicago THL 2016 Playoff Rolling Meadows, ILEric Krol13
20.12.2015CAGA THL Autumn 2015 Playoff Livonia, MIBill Hunter7
12.12.2015Northwest Chicago THL 2015 Playoff Rolling Meadows, ILBuster Barton12
10.12.2015Madison Resistance 2015 Playoff Madison, WIDarwin Sampson9
18.12.2014Madison Resistance 2014 Playoff Madison, WIDarwin Sampson7
05.12.2014CAGA THL Autumn 2014 Playoff Livonia, MIBill Hunter6
14.12.2013Lemont THL 2013 Playoff Lemont, ILEric Davis7
06.12.2013CAGA THL Autumn 2013 Playoff Livonia, MIDavid Williams8
21.11.2013Madison Resistance 2013 Playoff Madison, WIDarwin Sampson5
15.06.2013Eastern Iowa THL 2013 Regular Season North Liberty, IAKevin Bullard6
01.06.2013Oyster River Table Cats THL 2013 Durham, NHSean F. Moriarty4
16.06.2012Lemont THL 2012 Playoffs Lemont, ILEric Davis5
06.03.2011Lemont THL 2010/11 Playoffs Lemont, ILJim Rzonca4
05.06.2010Lemont THL Spring 2010 Playoff Lemont, ILJim Rzonca3
24.05.2009Lemont THL 2008/09 Playoff Lemont, ILJim Rzonca10
11.04.2008Lemont THL 2007/08 Playoff Lemont, ILJim Rzonca10
22.09.2007Lemont THL 2006/07 Playoff Lemont, ILRob Chargo11
13.05.2006Lemont THL 2005/06 Playoff Lemont, ILRob Chargo11
14.05.2005Lemont THL 2004/05 Playoff Lemont, ILRob Chargo13
01.04.2005New York ACTHL 2005 New York, NYRoger Owens8
01.04.2004Massachussets THL 2004 ?, MAKenny Dubois13
20.03.2004Lemont THL Spring 2004 Playoff Lemont, ILRon Marsik9
01.03.2004New York ACTHL 2004 New York, NYRoger Owens9
01.02.2004Groveland THL 2004 Groveland, MAJoe Puopolo23
01.11.2003Lemont THL 2003 Playoff Lemont, ILRon Marsik8
01.01.2003Groveland THL 2002 Groveland, MAJeff Puopolo2
01.01.2003Groveland THL 2003 Groveland, MAJeff Puopolo2
12.10.2002Lemont THL 2002 Playoff Lemont, ILRon Marsik12

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