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Rubizhne THL UKR

1.1945Mykyta Zahrebin
2.764Denys Demchenko
3.554Oleksiy Shevelev
4.356Dmytro Petrov
5.182Maksym Stasiuk
6.123Oleksandr Diulin
7.035Oleksandr Petrov
8.024Bogdan Nyzhnyk
9.011Vladyslav Lisyanskyy
10.002Yevhen Bozhyk

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (36 tournaments)
25.12.2021Rubizhne Championships 2021 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin12
04.12.2021Rubizhne THL Zakhysnyk 2021 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin6
16.10.2021Magnificent Five and Goalkeeper RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin6
21.03.2021Rubizhne THL Mechta 2021 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin7
27.12.2020Rubizhne Championships 2020 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin8
18.10.2020Police and Olympic Committee 2020 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin11
04.01.2020New Years Tangerine 2020 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin10
22.12.2019Rubizhne Championships 2019 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin12
01.12.2019Our Goal 2019 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin9
10.05.2019* Rubizhne THL May 2019 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin6
17.02.2019Rubizhne THL Step 2019 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin12
19.01.2019* Rubizhne THL New Year 2019 RubizhneOleksandr Diulin7
16.12.2018Rubizhne Championships 2018 RubizhneOleksiy Shevelev11
03.11.2018Rubizhne THL Autumn 2018 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin12
14.10.2018Rubizhne THL Zakhysnyk 2018 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin11
23.09.2018Rubizhne THL Rubizh 2018 RubizhneDmytro Petrov17
01.06.2018Rubizhne THL June 2018 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin13
02.05.2018Rubizhne THL May 2018 RubizhneMaksym Stasiuk4
04.03.2018Rubizhne THL March 2018 RubizhneDmytro Petrov11
20.01.2018* Rubizhne THL New Year 2018 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin7
24.12.2017Rubizhne Championships 2017 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin8
29.10.2017Rubizhne THL Autumn 2017 RubizhneDmytro Petrov15
19.02.2017Rubizhne THL New Year 2017 RubizhneDenys Demchenko10
25.12.2016Rubizhne Championships 2016 RubizhneDenys Demchenko23
20.11.2016Rubizhne THL November 2016 RubizhneDenys Demchenko9
01.10.2016Rubizhne THL Autumn 2016 RubizhneDenys Demchenko12
05.05.2016Rubizhne THL Victory 2016 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin23
26.03.2016Rubizhne THL Spring 2016 #1 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin11
27.02.2016Rubizhne THL Stimulus #1 RubizhneMykyta Zahrebin13
09.01.2016Rubizhne THL New Year 2016 RubizhneDenys Demchenko21
12.12.2015Rubizhne Championships 2015 RubizhneOleksiy Shevelev27
03.11.2015Rubizhne THL Autumn 2015 RubizhneDenys Demchenko13
26.09.2015Rubizhne THL 1st Anniversary RubizhneOleksiy Shevelev14
19.09.2015Rubizhne THL (35 Years of Family Day in Rubizhne) RubizhneDenys Demchenko9
05.05.2015Rubizhne THL Victory 2015 RubizhneOleksiy Shevelev19
27.03.2015Rubizhne THL Holiday Spring 2015 RubizhneOleksiy Shevelev21

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