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1.310Daniel Wallen
2.300Hans Osterman
3.121Kristian Iso-Tryykari
4.110Pontus Eriksson
5.102Ivan Zaharov
6.101Edgars Caics
7.101Roni Nuttunen
8.100Lukas Turon
9.100Petter Bengtsson
10.030Alexey Zaharov
11.021Peter Ostlund
12.011Alexey Titov
13.010Alexey Shastov
14.010Jan Dryak
15.010Jorgen Sundqvist
16.001Finn Fries
17.001Jarle Eide
18.001Lars Fridell
19.001Mikko Kaariainen
20.001Niclas Hansen
21.001Rickard Sjostedt
22.001Stanislav Kraus
23.001Tore Lie

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (13 tournaments)
23.04.2005Czech Open 2005 PribramLukas Turon89
02.04.2005Boston Challenge 2005 Boston, MAPontus Eriksson59
12.03.2005Moscow Cup 2005 MoscowDaniel Wallen140
30.01.2005Swedish Championships 2005 StockholmDaniel Wallen193
04.12.2004Oslo Open 2004 OsloPetter Bengtsson55
23.10.2004Riga Cup 2004webRigaEdgars Caics106
02.10.2004Helsinki Open 2004 HelsinkiRoni Nuttunen79
01.05.2004Czech Open 2004 PlzenHans Osterman126
21.03.2004Moscow Cup 2004 MoscowIvan Zaharov113
18.01.2004Swedish Championships 2004 Jonkoping, SmalandHans Osterman143
07.12.2003Riga Cup 2003 RigaHans Osterman124
14.11.2003Oslo Open 2003 OsloDaniel Wallen65
25.10.2003Helsinki Open 2003 HelsinkiKristian Iso-Tryykari87

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