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Knatteligan Narke SWE

1.1100James-John Forsberg
2.322Edvin Makinen
3.233Sven Pettersson
4.133Vilma Wallin
5.121Kevin Wallin
6.031Wilton Wallin
7.026Rune Pettersson
8.010Ellen Renstrand
9.010Elvira Kohlsgarden
10.010Tindrah Gafvels Nyren
11.004Julia Forsberg
12.002Matilda Makinen
13.001Estelle Gafvels Nyren
14.001Olle-Gustaf Hellen

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (18 tournaments)
09.09.2023Bamses Cup Orebro, NarkeEdvin Makinen4
22.04.2023Champion of the kids penguins Orebro, NarkeEdvin Makinen6
25.03.2023Bibbis Alg Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg8
25.02.2023Bibbis Sportlovs Cup Orebro, NarkeVilma Wallin7
28.01.2023Bibbis Snow Ball Cup Orebro, NarkeKevin Wallin3
03.12.2022Bibbis Advents-kalender Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg8
13.11.2022Bibbis Bjorn Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg8
08.10.2022Bibbis Lejon Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg7
10.09.2022Bibbis Pingvin Cup Orebro, NarkeEdvin Makinen5
07.05.2022Gamla Kvarn Halsa Kids Trofhy Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg7
19.02.2022Swedbank Open Knatte Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg14
12.02.2022Hampe Open Orebro, NarkeSven Pettersson6
29.01.2022Snogubben Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg7
02.01.2022Tomten Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg7
04.12.2021* Julkalender Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg4
21.11.2021Halloween Masters Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg4
09.10.2021Oktober Pokalen Orebro, NarkeSven Pettersson6
25.09.2021Knatte Open Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg5

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