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Overum Open SWE

1.501Hans Osterman
2.110Stefan Edwall
3.102Christoffer Soderqvist
4.101Rickard Sjostedt
5.100Joakim Lundin
6.020Henrik Brodin
7.020Petter Bengtsson
8.012Lars Fridell
9.011Marcus Stenbom
10.010Daniel Hansson
11.010Pontus Eriksson
12.002Henric Andersson
13.001Andreas Aman
14.001David Nordstrom
15.001Finn Fries
16.001Fredrik Johansson
17.001Kai Parviainen
18.001Martin Brodin
19.001Martin Harenstam
20.001Patrik Danielsson
21.001Thomas Petersson

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (9 tournaments)
31.03.2007Overum Open 2007 Vastervik, SmalandStefan Edwall18
21.05.2006Overum Open 2006 Vastervik, SmalandHans Osterman31
09.10.2004Overum Open 2004/05 Vastervik, SmalandHans Osterman28
13.03.2004Overum Open 2004 Vastervik, SmalandRickard Sjostedt20
15.03.2003Overum Open 2003 Vastervik, SmalandJoakim Lundin25
16.03.2002Overum Open 2002 Vastervik, SmalandChristoffer Soderqvist22
22.04.2001Overum Open 2001 Vastervik, SmalandHans Osterman38
11.03.2000Overum Open 2000 Vastervik, SmalandHans Osterman45
13.03.1999Overum Open 1999 Vastervik, SmalandHans Osterman24

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