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DM Goteborg SWE

1.212Stig Ankardal
2.120David Andersson
3.111Tomas Elfstrom
4.110Anders Ekestubbe
5.110Gunnar Gillberg
6.110Hans Nordin
7.110Krister Olsson "Osla"
8.101Staffan Rydenstam
9.100Hakan Brandt
10.100Kristian Lonner
11.015Hans Petersson "HP"
12.010Gunnar Magnusson
13.010Marcus Stenbom
14.002David Donnerdal
15.001Claes Persson
16.001David Nordstrom
17.001Ingemar Reinholdt
18.001Krister Lindstrom

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (11 tournaments)
20.10.2007DM Goteborg 2007 GoteborgKristian Lonner10
02.12.2006DM Goteborg 2006 GoteborgDavid Andersson5
12.11.2005DM Goteborg 2005 GoteborgHakan Brandt23
16.10.2004DM Goteborg 2004 GoteborgHans Nordin12
01.01.1988DM Goteborg 1988 GoteborgAnders Ekestubbe17
04.10.1986DM Goteborg Autumn 1986 GoteborgStig Ankardal8
22.09.1984DM Goteborg Autumn 1984 GoteborgStig Ankardal27
28.01.1984DM Goteborg Spring 1984 GoteborgTomas Elfstrom26
17.09.1983DM Goteborg Autumn 1983 GoteborgStaffan Rydenstam31
19.03.1983DM Goteborg Spring 1983 GoteborgKrister Olsson "Osla"32
23.10.1982DM Goteborg Autumn 1982 GoteborgGunnar Gillberg16

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