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Swedish Championships Women SWE

1.800Caroline Eriksson
2.696Sissie Wikstrom
3.510Lotta Halen
4.312Tarja Lindberg
5.211Hedvig Olsson
6.152Chatrin Johansson
7.123Netta Jousi
8.121Maria Wreland
9.101Maria Olofsson
10.100Maria Bondesson
11.100Maria Miloradova
12.100Maria Yalbacheva
13.100Minerva Martiskainen
14.023Maria Svedberg
15.021Maria Elena Pettersson
16.020Anna Pahlsson
17.012Anna Olofsson
18.011Anette Engel
19.011Elisabeth Ranebo
20.010Anna Holmstrom
21.004Susanna Possl
22.002Christina Ryden
23.002Lovisa Dahlstrom
24.002Marion Skold
25.002Minna Talja
26.002Ulrika Lundberg
27.001Anna Nicander
28.001Anna-Maria Wiberg
29.001Anne Grethe Gangsoy
30.001Darta Avotina
31.001Ebba Zetterman
32.001Emma Andersson
33.001Hannele Valtonen
34.001Laima Kamzola
35.001Liv Osterman
36.001Marie Larsson
37.001Moa Olsson
38.001Nathalie Biais
39.001Silva Nissinen
40.001Sissela Blume
41.001Valerie Ceysson
42.001Vicky Malmgren

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (32 tournaments)
10.5.2019Swedish Championships 2019 Women Umea, VasterbottenSissie Wikstrom5
11.5.2018Swedish Championships 2018 Women Lund, SkaneCaroline Eriksson8
19.5.2017Swedish Championships 2017 Women Lund, SkaneCaroline Eriksson9
13.5.2016Swedish Championships 2016 Women Borlange, DalarnaCaroline Eriksson7
1.5.2015Swedish Championships 2015 Women Jonkoping, SmalandCaroline Eriksson4
2.5.2014Swedish Championships 2014 Women Eskilstuna, SodermanlandCaroline Eriksson4
11.5.2013Swedish Championships 2013 Women StockholmCaroline Eriksson3
19.5.2012Swedish Championships 2012 Women StockholmCaroline Eriksson5
6.2.2011Swedish Championships 2011 Women Solna, UpplandCaroline Eriksson5
14.2.2010Swedish Championships 2010 Women Solna, UpplandMinerva Martiskainen5
14.2.2009Swedish Championships 2009 Women Vastervik, SmalandMaria Yalbacheva2
10.2.2008Swedish Championships 2008 Women GoteborgNetta Jousi7
4.2.2007Swedish Championships 2007 Women GoteborgMaria Miloradova8
29.1.2006Swedish Championships 2006 Women Eskilstuna, SodermanlandMaria Wreland7
30.1.2005Swedish Championships 2005 Women StockholmHedvig Olsson6
18.1.2004Swedish Championships 2004 Women Jonkoping, SmalandMaria Olofsson3
9.2.2003Swedish Championships 2003 Women Jonkoping, SmalandHedvig Olsson5
27.1.2002Swedish Championships 2002 Women StockholmSissie Wikstrom6
28.1.2001Swedish Championships 2001 Women StockholmLotta Halen4
31.10.1999Swedish Championships 1999 Women StockholmSissie Wikstrom6
8.11.1998Swedish Championships 1998 Women StockholmTarja Lindberg6
15.11.1997Swedish Championships 1997 Women StockholmTarja Lindberg6
27.10.1996Swedish Championships 1996 Women StockholmTarja Lindberg5
29.10.1995Swedish Championships 1995 Women Enkoping, UpplandSissie Wikstrom5
6.11.1994Swedish Championships 1994 Women Nynashamn, SodermanlandSissie Wikstrom5
17.10.1993Swedish Championships 1993 Women GoteborgSissie Wikstrom6
25.10.1992Swedish Championships 1992 Women StockholmLotta Halen7
27.10.1991Swedish Championships 1991 Women StockholmLotta Halen5
28.10.1990Swedish Championships 1990 Women Enkoping, UpplandLotta Halen4
2.10.1989Swedish Championships 1989 Women StockholmChatrin Johansson6
23.10.1988Swedish Championships 1988 Women StockholmLotta Halen2
25.10.1987Swedish Championships 1987 Women StockholmMaria Bondesson1

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