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Enskede Oppna SWE

1.302Stefan Edwall
2.300Jimmy Holm
3.230Stefano Lidstrom
4.220Andreas Aman
5.200Lars Fridell
6.111Jorgen Akerlund
7.111Patrik Danielsson
8.013Bie Karlsson
9.013Thomas Petersson
10.011Fredrik Hermansson
11.010Johan Gustafsson
12.010Lars-Eric Andersson
13.010Thomas Borsing
14.010Torbjorn Johansson
15.001Anssi Jarvinen
16.001Gustaf Hermansson
17.001Johan Eriksson "Exxon"

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (14 tournaments)
01.01.1996Enskede Open 1996 StockholmLars Fridell25
01.05.1995Enskede Open Spring 1995 Final StockholmJimmy Holm13
17.12.1994Enskede Open Autumn 1994 Final StockholmJimmy Holm12
31.08.1994Enskede Open 1994 StockholmJorgen Akerlund25
22.12.1993Enskede Open Autumn 1993 Final StockholmJimmy Holm12
25.05.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 Final StockholmLars Fridell12
11.05.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #8 StockholmStefano Lidstrom30
27.04.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #7 StockholmAndreas Aman23
13.04.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #6 StockholmStefan Edwall38
30.03.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #5 StockholmAndreas Aman35
16.03.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #4 StockholmPatrik Danielsson27
02.03.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #3 StockholmStefan Edwall32
16.02.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #2 StockholmStefan Edwall29
02.02.1993Enskede Open Spring 1993 #1 StockholmStefano Lidstrom27

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