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Slovak Championships Teams SVK

1.1120THC Blue Dragon Kosice
2.331SHK Skalica
3.122SHK Bieli Zraloci Nove Zamky
4.100THC Stiga Elites
5.100Wild Horses Presov
7.031THC Predators
8.022THC Blue Dragon Kosice II
9.011Predators Bratislava
10.010Absolut Spiders
11.010BSKP Dreams
12.010Gladiators Plzen
13.002SHK Bieli Zraloci Nove Zamky II
14.001Bodicsek Klub
15.001HCS Zabka Praha
16.001THC Blue Dragon Kosice III
17.001THC Red Dogs Kosice

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (18 tournaments)
09.12.2023Slovak Championships 2023 Teams Nove ZamkySHK Bieli Zraloci Nove Zamky4
07.05.2022Slovak Championships 2022 Teams Nove ZamkySHK Skalica5
04.05.2019Slovak Championships 2019 Teams Nove ZamkySHK Skalica5
19.05.2018Slovak Championships 2018 Teams SkalicaSHK Skalica4
06.05.2017Slovak Championships 2017 Teams KosiceTHC Blue Dragon Kosice2
02.04.2016Slovak Championships 2016 Teams AndovceTHC Blue Dragon Kosice4
02.05.2015Slovak Championships 2015 Teams KosiceTHC Blue Dragon Kosice6
08.03.2014Slovak Championships 2014 Teams Nove ZamkyTHC Blue Dragon Kosice5
22.06.2013Slovak Championships 2013 Teams BratislavaTHC Stiga Elites6
25.03.2012Slovak Championships 2012 Teams KosiceTHC Blue Dragon Kosice6
04.06.2011Slovak Championships 2011 Teams BratislavaTHC Blue Dragon Kosice2
29.05.2010Slovak Championships 2010 Teams SkalicaTHC Blue Dragon Kosice2
18.04.2009Slovak Championships 2009 Teams KosiceTHC Blue Dragon Kosice4
07.06.2008Slovak Championships 2008 Teams BratislavaTHC Blue Dragon Kosice1
13.05.2007Slovak Championships 2007 Teams SkalicaTHC Blue Dragon Kosice1
13.05.2006Slovak Championships 2006 Teams ZvolenWild Horses Presov6
14.05.2005Slovak Championships 2005 Teams KosiceTHC Blue Dragon Kosice5
05.06.2004Slovak Championships 2004 Teams BratislavaZizinovci8

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