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Lemonad Club Training League RUS

1.1150Emil Mumdzhi
2.453Alexander Enyushin
3.130Kapitolina Semagina
4.121Konstantin Barabash
5.102Oleg Vazhalin
6.101Artem Smirnov
7.100Adahamzhon Payziev
8.100Timur Khamiev
9.026Konstantin Gorshkov
10.022Ismagil Iksanov
11.011Ramil Galiev
12.010Sofya Safiullina
13.002Sergey Semagin
14.001Dmitry Melnikov
15.001Mikhail Stepanov
16.001Ulai Bashirov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (21 tournaments)
25.2.2019Lemonad Club Tournament 2019 #6 KazanEmil Mumdzhi12
11.2.2019Lemonad Club Tournament 2019 #5 KazanKonstantin Barabash9
8.2.2019Lemonad Club Tournament 2019 #4 KazanEmil Mumdzhi9
28.1.2019Lemonad Club Tournament 2019 #3 KazanEmil Mumdzhi10
21.1.2019* Lemonad Club Tournament 2019 #2 KazanTimur Khamiev5
14.1.2019Lemonad Club Tournament 2019 #1 KazanEmil Mumdzhi8
11.12.2018Lemonad Club Tournament 2018 #6 KazanEmil Mumdzhi14
26.11.2018Lemonad Club Tournament 2018 #5 KazanKapitolina Semagina8
20.11.2018Lemonad Club Tournament 2018 #4 KazanAdahamzhon Payziev14
19.11.2018Lemonad Club Tournament 2018 #3 KazanEmil Mumdzhi8
25.9.2018Lemonad Club Tournament 2018 #2 KazanEmil Mumdzhi9
24.9.2018Lemonad Club Tournament 2018 #1 KazanArtem Smirnov9
21.11.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #9 KazanAlexander Enyushin11
20.11.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #8 KazanAlexander Enyushin13
14.11.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #7 KazanAlexander Enyushin8
13.11.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #6 KazanAlexander Enyushin8
7.11.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #5 KazanEmil Mumdzhi11
31.10.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #4 KazanEmil Mumdzhi7
30.10.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #3 KazanEmil Mumdzhi10
24.10.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #2 KazanOleg Vazhalin8
23.10.2017Lemonad Club Tournament 2017 #1 KazanEmil Mumdzhi6

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