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Vladimir League RUS

1.241Roman Aganichev
2.200Alexander Galkin
3.112Yevgeniy Fedulov
4.102Olga Glazunova
5.101Vladimir Orlov
6.100Alexandr Kosyrev
7.100Arseniy Stolyarov
8.010Alexey Balitskiy
9.010Anton Runenkov
10.010Semen Ivanov
11.010Vadim Matveev
12.001Alexey Skrobansky
13.001German Dzhulaev
14.001Sergey Nekrasov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (9 tournaments)
27.10.2018Vladimir League 2017/18 #9 VladimirYevgeniy Fedulov10
29.9.2018* Vladimir League 2017/18 #8 VladimirRoman Aganichev17
25.8.2018Vladimir League 2017/18 #7 VladimirRoman Aganichev13
28.7.2018Vladimir League 2017/18 #6 VladimirArseniy Stolyarov11
30.6.2018Vladimir League 2017/18 #5 VladimirVladimir Orlov10
31.3.2018Vladimir League 2017/18 #4 VladimirAlexandr Kosyrev21
24.2.2018* Vladimir League 2017/18 #3 VladimirAlexander Galkin19
27.1.2018Vladimir League 2017/18 #2 VladimirAlexander Galkin20
9.12.2017Vladimir League 2017/18 #1 VladimirOlga Glazunova16

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