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Arkhangelsk Region Championships RUS

1.1252Denis Guselnikov
2.542Vladimir Potapov
3.265Alexey Skrobansky
4.237Dmitry Lyapin
5.222Andrey Lebedev
6.100Artem Boldyrev
7.020Vasiliy Bobylev
8.010Vladislav Repin
9.010Yury Pozdeev
10.002Alexander Potapov
11.002Alexey Bobushkin
12.001Nikolay Bykov
13.001Vitaly Chernishev

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (24 tournaments)
29.9.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018/19 #4 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov7
8.9.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018/19 #3 ArkhangelskAlexey Skrobansky6
11.8.2018Fuzkulturnik Day 2018 ArkhangelskDmitry Lyapin19
28.7.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018/19 #1 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov4
26.5.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018 #5 ArkhangelskDmitry Lyapin7
5.5.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018 #4 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov7
7.4.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018 #3 ArkhangelskAlexey Skrobansky5
24.2.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018 #2 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov7
27.1.2018Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2018 #1 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov6
24.12.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #11 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov8
25.11.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #10 ArkhangelskVladimir Potapov9
28.10.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #9 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov13
30.9.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #8 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov8
26.8.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #7 ArkhangelskVladimir Potapov10
12.8.2017Fizkulturnik Day 2017 ArkhangelskArtem Boldyrev12
29.7.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #6 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov8
24.6.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #5 ArkhangelskVladimir Potapov9
27.5.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #4 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov11
29.4.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #3 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov12
25.3.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #2 ArkhangelskVladimir Potapov12
26.2.2017Arkhangelsk Region Championships 2017 #1 ArkhangelskVladimir Potapov13
4.11.2016National Unity Day 2016 ArkhangelskAndrey Lebedev8
13.8.2016Fizkulturnik Day 2016 ArkhangelskDenis Guselnikov20
26.6.2016City Day 2016 ArkhangelskAndrey Lebedev20

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