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ComTorg Cup RUS

1.224Alexander Larichev
2.222Alexander Semichev
3.220Egor Zaytsev
4.210Alexander Ozerov
5.101Ilya Popov
6.101Viktoria Gorodnitskaya
7.100Dmitriy Koshman
8.100Fedor Zhiharev
9.100Maxim Borisov
10.100Yanis Galuzo
11.020Alexandr Hilik
12.012Ilya Timofeev
13.010Alexandr Kosyrev
14.010Alexey Chernov
15.010Igor Hilik
16.010Oleg Dmitrichenko
17.001Alexey Titov
18.001Evgeniy Golyh
19.001Grigoriy Dubinin
20.001Igor Sokolov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (14 tournaments)
7.4.2019ComTorg Cup 2019 CherepovetsAlexander Larichev15
8.4.2018ComTorg Cup 2018 CherepovetsEgor Zaytsev17
16.4.2017ComTorg Cup 2017 CherepovetsEgor Zaytsev14
3.4.2016ComTorg Cup 2016 CherepovetsAlexander Semichev16
5.4.2015ComTorg Cup 2015 CherepovetsAlexander Larichev20
13.4.2014ComTorg Cup 2014 CherepovetsIlya Popov11
21.4.2013ComTorg Cup 2013 CherepovetsAlexander Semichev10
22.4.2012ComTorg Cup 2012webCherepovetsMaxim Borisov23
9.1.2011ComTorg Cup 2011webCherepovetsYanis Galuzo42
11.4.2010ComTorg Cup 2010 CherepovetsViktoria Gorodnitskaya19
5.4.2009ComTorg Cup 2009 CherepovetsDmitriy Koshman24
6.4.2008ComTorg Cup 2008 CherepovetsAlexander Ozerov34
24.3.2007ComTorg Cup 2007 CherepovetsAlexander Ozerov17
1.4.2006ComTorg Cup 2006 CherepovetsFedor Zhiharev43

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