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Zhigulevskaya HL RUS

1.300Sergey Pervov
2.242Ivan Titkov
3.211Mark Zhirnov
4.200Andrey Bezrukov
5.122Sergey Akchurin
6.111Mikhail Vernik
7.100Pavel Shakirov
8.013Sergey Marochkin
9.010Aleksandr Korshikov
10.010Ruslan Gareev
11.010Timur Khamiev
12.002Alexey Moshkov
13.001Yuri Toropchin

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (12 tournaments)
10.03.2020Zhigulevskaya HL 2020 #1 SamaraSergey Pervov4
18.02.2018Zhigulevskaya HL 2018 #2 SamaraSergey Pervov6
03.02.2018Zhigulevskaya HL 2018 #1 SamaraIvan Titkov7
14.06.2017Zhigulevskaya HL 2017 Summer #1 SamaraMark Zhirnov6
29.04.2017Zhigulevskaya HL 2017 #2 SamaraPavel Shakirov11
01.04.2017Zhigulevskaya HL 2017 #1 SamaraMikhail Vernik8
27.03.2016Zhigulevskaya HL 2015/16 #6 SamaraIvan Titkov5
22.03.2016Zhigulevskaya HL 2015/16 #5 SamaraMark Zhirnov4
07.03.2016Zhigulevskaya HL 2015/16 #4 SamaraSergey Akchurin6
27.12.2015Zhigulevskaya HL 2015/16 #3 SamaraSergey Pervov7
08.09.2015Zhigulevskaya HL 2015/16 #2 SamaraAndrey Bezrukov4
19.08.2015Zhigulevskaya HL 2015/16 #1 SamaraAndrey Bezrukov7

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