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Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup RUS

1.800Sergey Zorin
2.132Dmitriy Kondrashin
3.101Alexander Segov
4.032Aleksey Radchenko
5.021Anton Bryukhanov
6.012Alexander Tikhonov
7.010Alexey Pesterev
8.002Vladislav Galkov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (10 tournaments)
02.12.2012Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2012 #5 Kamensk-UralskiyDmitriy Kondrashin15
28.10.2012Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2012 #4 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin19
07.10.2012Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2012 #3 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin14
23.09.2012Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2012 #2 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin13
02.09.2012Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2012 #1 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin18
04.12.2011Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2011 #5 Kamensk-UralskiyAlexander Segov20
30.10.2011Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2011 #4 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin21
16.10.2011Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2011 #3 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin14
25.09.2011Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2011 #2 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin19
28.08.2011Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup 2011 #1 Kamensk-UralskiySergey Zorin15

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