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Russian Championships Veterans RUS

1.610Alexey Titov
2.321Stanislav Lutay
3.141Dmitriy Petrov
4.120Alexey Chernov
5.102Igor Masloboev
6.100Igor Kashentsev
7.032Dmitriy Belavin
8.010Alexandr Zaytsev
9.003Vitaly Skorobogatov
10.001Alexandr Kosyrev
11.001Anatoliy Ermakov
12.001Anton Fedoseev
13.001Yuriy Prostakov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (13 tournaments)
14.04.2024Russian Championships 2024 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Chernov44
26.02.2023Russian Championships 2023 Veterans St. PetersburgIgor Masloboev35
27.02.2022Russian Championships 2022 Veterans St. PetersburgStanislav Lutay34
28.02.2021Russian Championships 2021 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Titov32
16.02.2020Russian Championships 2020 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Titov36
17.02.2019Russian Championships 2019 Veterans St. PetersburgStanislav Lutay32
17.02.2018Russian Championships 2018 Veterans St. PetersburgDmitriy Petrov26
18.02.2017Russian Championships 2017 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Titov33
21.02.2016Russian Championships 2016 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Titov29
01.02.2015Russian Championships 2015 Veterans St. PetersburgStanislav Lutay29
16.02.2014Russian Championships 2014 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Titov24
14.10.2012Russian Championships 2012 Veterans St. PetersburgAlexey Titov23
01.04.2005Russian Championships 2005 Veterans MoscowIgor Kashentsev9

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