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Incukalns School Championships LAT

1.600Rainers Kalnins
2.212Toms Baumanis
3.210Roberts Kupcs
4.120Janis Kalnevics
5.110Ilze Zuce-Tenca
6.110Intars Garancs
7.110Railends Kuhalskis
8.110Sandis Kalnins
9.103Matiss Saulitis
10.101Ralfs Paeglis
11.100Arnis Gustins
12.100Didzis Ziemelis
13.022Janis Markulis
14.021Aigars Romals
15.021Roberts Suharevs Jr.
16.011Kaspars Kuharjonoks
17.010Haralds Gals
18.010Kristaps Neimanis
19.010Kristens Markus
20.010Rudolfs Logins
21.001Daniels Stankevics
22.001Kristians Cimers
23.001Markuss Abele
24.001Rainers Neija
25.001Rihards Gals
26.001Roberts Kerns
27.001Tomass Keiss
28.001Toms Kaupuzs

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (19 tournaments)
22.02.2023Incukalns School Championships 2023 IncukalnsRailends Kuhalskis33
23.02.2022Incukalns School Championships 2022 IncukalnsToms Baumanis32
29.09.2021Incukalns School Championships 2021 IncukalnsToms Baumanis37
14.02.2020Incukalns School Championships 2020 IncukalnsRalfs Paeglis36
19.02.2019Incukalns School Championships 2019 IncukalnsIntars Garancs39
14.02.2018Incukalns School Championships 2018 IncukalnsRainers Kalnins37
22.02.2017Incukalns School Championships 2017 IncukalnsRainers Kalnins38
24.02.2016Incukalns School Championships 2016 IncukalnsRainers Kalnins34
25.02.2015Incukalns School Championships 2015 IncukalnsRainers Kalnins36
09.04.2014Incukalns School Championships 2014 IncukalnsRainers Kalnins40
13.02.2013Incukalns School Championships 2013 IncukalnsRainers Kalnins34
20.04.2012Incukalns School Championships 2012 IncukalnsArnis Gustins26
04.04.2011Incukalns School Championships 2011 IncukalnsRoberts Kupcs25
19.02.2010Incukalns School Championships 2010 IncukalnsRoberts Kupcs49
27.03.2009Incukalns School Championships 2009 IncukalnsIlze Zuce-Tenca26
28.03.2008Incukalns School Championships 2008 IncukalnsJanis Kalnevics18
24.04.2007Incukalns School Championships 2007 IncukalnsDidzis Ziemelis22
25.04.2006Incukalns School Championships 2006 IncukalnsSandis Kalnins24
23.03.2005Incukalns School Championships 2005 IncukalnsMatiss Saulitis18

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