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Riga Championships LAT

1.660Raivis Sternats
2.656Sergejs Mihejevs
3.541Edgars Caics
4.462Martins Zirnis
5.421Atis Silis
6.313Didzis Ozolins
7.210Rainers Kalnins
8.133Ivars Vilkens
9.112Janis Kirsis
10.111Jevgenijs Zaharovs
11.111Valts Smagars
12.106Andis Liepa
13.100Raivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"
14.100Valts Bumanis
15.011Janis Kalnevics
16.011Raivis Pukinskis
17.010Alvis Silins
18.010Edgars Saulitis
19.010Gints Lasmanis
20.010Sandis Kristaps Lagzdins
21.001Artjoms Zaharovs
22.001Didzis Ziemelis
23.001Edgars Mucenieks
24.001Elvijs Silins
25.001Emils Liepins
26.001Karlis Balodis
27.001Kristaps Riekstins
28.001Kristaps Strazds
29.001Rudolfs Kamzols

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (37 tournaments)
11.11.2023Riga Championships 2023 RigaRaivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"65
05.11.2022Riga Championships 2022 RigaRainers Kalnins52
18.09.2021Riga Championships 2021 RigaRainers Kalnins52
16.01.2016Riga Championships 2016 RigaValts Smagars92
17.01.2015Riga Championships 2015 RigaAtis Silis67
15.02.2014Riga Championships 2014 RigaEdgars Caics54
19.01.2013Riga Championships 2013 RigaAtis Silis71
21.01.2012Riga Championships 2012 RigaEdgars Caics68
22.01.2011Riga Championships 2011 RigaEdgars Caics61
30.01.2010Riga Championships 2010 RigaAtis Silis49
21.02.2009Riga Championships 2009 RigaEdgars Caics66
19.01.2008Riga Championships 2008 RigaAtis Silis85
20.01.2007Riga Championships 2007 RigaJevgenijs Zaharovs69
14.01.2006Riga Championships 2006 RigaSergejs Mihejevs63
19.03.2005Riga Championships 2005 RigaEdgars Caics57
06.03.2004Riga Championships 2004 RigaDidzis Ozolins54
24.11.2001Riga Championships 2001 #5 RigaMartins Zirnis42
04.11.2001Riga Championships 2001 #4 RigaDidzis Ozolins38
27.10.2001Riga Championships 2001 #3 RigaRaivis Sternats35
13.10.2001Riga Championships 2001 #2 RigaMartins Zirnis43
29.09.2001Riga Championships 2001 #1 RigaSergejs Mihejevs32
01.05.2001Riga Championships 2000/01 #8 RigaDidzis Ozolins39
07.04.2001Riga Championships 2000/01 #7 RigaSergejs Mihejevs58
10.03.2001Riga Championships 2000/01 #6 RigaMartins Zirnis34
13.01.2001Riga Championships 2000/01 #5 RigaSergejs Mihejevs16
02.12.2000Riga Championships 2000/01 #4 RigaRaivis Sternats28
11.11.2000Riga Championships 2000/01 #3 RigaSergejs Mihejevs16
14.10.2000Riga Championships 2000/01 #2 RigaIvars Vilkens27
16.09.2000Riga Championships 2000/01 #1 RigaJanis Kirsis40
01.05.2000Riga Championships 2000 #8 RigaSergejs Mihejevs42
01.04.2000Riga Championships 2000 #7 RigaAndis Liepa45
01.03.2000Riga Championships 2000 #5 RigaRaivis Sternats42
01.03.2000Riga Championships 2000 #6 RigaRaivis Sternats36
01.02.2000Riga Championships 2000 #3 RigaRaivis Sternats39
01.02.2000Riga Championships 2000 #4 RigaMartins Zirnis38
29.01.2000Riga Championships 2000 #2 RigaValts Bumanis33
15.01.2000Riga Championships 2000 #1 RigaRaivis Sternats12

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