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Siraly Hoki Liga HUN

1.711Mate Szabo
2.522Andras Naszadi
3.242Zoltan Szabo
4.212Ferenc Felix Vago
5.112Eniko Karpati
6.111Akos Szabo
7.110Zoltan Makarevitz
8.100Gergely Regula
9.075Laszlo Bobak
10.011Sandor Barta
11.010Daniel Letay
12.003Daniel Bobak
13.001Tamas Kiss

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (20 tournaments)
19.5.2008Mini Mundial 2008 BudapestAkos Szabo9
13.11.2007Siraly HL #19 BudapestGergely Regula6
6.11.2007Siraly HL #18 BudapestAndras Naszadi6
9.10.2007Siraly HL #17 BudapestZoltan Szabo6
16.5.2007Mini Mundial 2007 BudapestZoltan Szabo11
4.4.2007Husveti Siralytojas #1 BudapestMate Szabo8
4.4.2007Husveti Siralytojas #2 BudapestAndras Naszadi8
28.3.2007Siraly HL #12 BudapestFerenc Felix Vago3
28.3.2007Siraly HL #13 BudapestFerenc Felix Vago3
23.1.2007Siraly HL #10 BudapestMate Szabo7
23.1.2007Siraly HL #11 BudapestMate Szabo7
30.11.2006Siraly HL #8 BudapestMate Szabo6
30.11.2006Siraly HL #9 BudapestMate Szabo6
21.11.2006Siraly HL #6 BudapestMate Szabo7
21.11.2006Siraly HL #7 BudapestMate Szabo6
30.9.2005Siraly HL #5 BudapestEniko Karpati4
3.2.2005Siraly HL #4 BudapestAndras Naszadi5
13.1.2005Siraly HL #3 BudapestZoltan Makarevitz4
3.11.2004Siraly HL #2 BudapestAndras Naszadi4
2.10.2004Siraly HL #1 BudapestAndras Naszadi4

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