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Finnish Championships SuperVeterans FIN

1.320Heikki Tontti
2.110Pasi Honkanen
3.110Tom Hagg
4.102Mika Asumaa
5.100Janne Kokko
6.011Mika Tauru
7.010Eero Kahari
8.010Kimmo Eriksson
9.002Urpo Rantanen
10.001Juhani Kayhko
11.001Vesa Koskela

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (7 tournaments)
5.1.2020Finnish Championships 2020 SuperVeterans HelsinkiPasi Honkanen9
5.1.2019Finnish Championships 2019 Superveterans HelsinkiMika Asumaa8
6.1.2018Finnish Championships 2018 SuperVeterans HelsinkiJanne Kokko11
21.1.2017Finnish Championships 2017 SuperVeterans HelsinkiHeikki Tontti11
23.1.2016Finnish Championships 2016 SuperVeterans HelsinkiHeikki Tontti13
17.1.2015Finnish Championships 2015 SuperVeterans HelsinkiHeikki Tontti14
25.1.2014Finnish Championships 2014 SuperVeterans HelsinkiTom Hagg15

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