ITHF World Tour Super Series Tournament   

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26th April 2015
Congratulation to Mikhail Shashkov for winning the tournament! And big thank you to all participants for coming! Complete results.

24th April 2015
Czech Open live results will be available during the tournament.

22nd April 2015
Committee of Referees
  Filip Hamáček (Czech Republic)
  Simon Thomas (Great Britain)
  Gergely Regula (Hungary)
  Kryštof Herold (Czech Republic)
  Marko Curkovic (Croatia)

20th April 2015
We are happy to welcome also players from Lithuania.

15th April 2015
We have 10th country in the list of registered players - also players from Hungary will arrive!

23rd February 2015
Registration to the Czech Open 2015 is open!