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Bruce Turner
The best rank ever (1.4.2004)206.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Veterans ranking128.
Club Kitchener WTHL
Country Canada
City Kitchener, ON
Birth year 1965
Mail address mail
no photo available

Tournaments ordered by date (30 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
5.11.2016Canada Cup 2016 World Tour
North American Tour
Toronto, ON (CAN)3. (32)385
30.7.2016US Open 2016webWorld Tour
North American Tour
Lemont, IL (USA)6. (27)347
2.4.2016Stiga North American Championships 2016webWorld Tour
North American Tour
North American Championships
Livonia, MI (USA)5. (35)441
7.11.2015Canada Cup 2015 World Tour
North American Tour
Toronto, ON (CAN)7. (38)332
28.3.2015Stiga North American Championships 2015 World Tour
North American Tour
North American Championships
Livonia, MI (USA)3. (40)474
1.11.2014Canada Cup 2014 World Tour
North American Tour
Toronto, ON (CAN)8. (36)258 (323)
22.3.2014Stiga North American Championships 2014webNorth American Championships
World Tour
North American Tour
Livonia, MI (USA)1. (40)408 (510)
2.11.2013Canada Cup 2013 World Tour
North American Tour
Toronto, ON (CAN)5. (41)234 (391)
30.10.2010Gatineau Challenge 2010 North American TourGatineau, QC (CAN)4. (20)0 (389)
18.10.2008Canada Challenge 2008 North American TourGatineau, QC (CAN)1. (31)0 (434)
26.7.2008US Open 2008 North American Tour
World Tour
Lemont, IL (USA)4. (40)0 (313)
24.5.2008Rose Bowl Classic 2008 North American TourMontreal, QC (CAN)2. (24)0 (430)
20.10.2007Canada Challenge 2007webNorth American Tour
World Tour
Gatineau, QC (CAN)9. (43)0 (299)
21.10.2006Canada Challenge 2006 World Tour
North American Tour
Gatineau, QC (CAN)4. (50)0 (394)
1.4.2006Boston Challenge 2006 North American Tour
World Tour
Boston, MA (USA)6. (66)0 (332)
22.10.2005Gatineau Challenge 2005 North American Tour
World Tour
Gatineau, QC (CAN)3. (41)0 (394)
1.2.2005Stiga Liberty Classic 2005 North American TourPhiladelphia, PA (USA)2. (44)0 (277)
30.1.2005Swedish Championships 2005 EuroLeague
Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)92. (193)0 (373)
1.10.2004Gatineau Challenge 2004 North American TourGatineau, QC (CAN)4. (37)0 (171)
21.8.2004US Open 2004 North American TourLemont, IL (USA)4. (40)0 (87)
1.4.2004Boston Challenge 2004 North American TourBoston, MA (USA)2. (64)0 (541)
1.3.2004Stiga Liberty Classic 2004 North American TourPhiladelphia, PA (USA)1. (54)0 (373)
18.1.2004Swedish Championships 2004 Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Jonkoping, Smaland (SWE)45. (143)0 (480)
1.10.2003Gatineau Challenge 2003 North American TourGatineau, QC (CAN)1. (23)0 (341)
16.8.2003US Open 2003 North American TourLemont, IL (USA)2. (32)0 (192)
1.6.2003Rose Bowl Classic 2003 North American TourMontreal, QC (CAN)3. (28)0 (203)
26.4.2003Boston Challenge 2003 North American TourBoston, MA (USA)3. (40)0 (172)
9.2.2003Swedish Championships 2003 Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Jonkoping, Smaland (SWE)70. (150)0 (323)
1.12.2002Osloligaen 2002/03 #10 OsloligaenOslo (NOR)4. (14)0 (195)
26.5.2002Rose Bowl Classic 2002 North American TourMontreal, QC (CAN)2. (19)0 (50)

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 6 years count, points are lowered by time coefficient)