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Official table hockey ranking list
The table hockey world ranking list is available for the following categories:
  • Open - all players who participated in at least at one tournament during the last six years are included, with an archive dating back to 1st May 1989
  • Ladies
  • Juniors - players born 1999 and later 
  • Veterans - players born 1977 or earlier
  • Nations - the best five players from each country are considered
  • Ladies nations - the best three ladies from each country are considered
  • Juniors nations - the best three juniors from each country are considered
  • Veterans nations - the best three veterans from each country are considered
  • Clubs - the best four members of each club are considered
You can read about the ranking list and about the algorithm on which it is based, in the provided description (doc or pdf). The whole open ranking list can be downloaded in txt format. You can also display actual rankings on your own website - read more.

To add your tournament results, please use this web form. Special software is also available on request. For queries/corrections, the ranking list administrators can be contacted by email at
Besides the ranking list calendar of tournaments is available and you can also browse through the lists of series, players, clubs and nations.

The history of adding tournaments to the ranking list can be found in the news archive.

Latest news
Congratulations to Adam Sowa on winning the Polish Championships for the third year in a row!

UKR 21.8.2016,  Final standings of Kiev Summer Cup 2016 (Kiev Summer Cup) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Anton Umanskyy67 
2.Dmytro Litvinyuk17 
3.Mykhaylo Spivakovskyy40 
4.Viktoriya Noselivska94 
5.Yuriy Shapovalenko636 
6.Anastasiya Garkovska699 

NOR 21.8.2016,  Final standings of Jaren Sumarliga 2016 #24 (Jaren Sumarliga) - 8 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Oystein Klippen211 
2.Gustav Bradland391 
3.Amund Risa Fylling176 
4.Andreas Fjermestad244 
5.Bjorn Austera1892+317
6.Farouk Nameal Bkri from Syria1529 
7.Rikard Oddane2396 
8.Ahmed Dubel from Syria4781 

RUS 21.8.2016,  Final standings of Moscow Table Hockey League 2016 Summer #10 (Moscow Table Hockey League) - 16 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Dmitriy Petrov80 
2.Anton Runenkov115 
3.Alexandr Zaytsev85 
4.Veniamin Gerasimov6 
5.Petr Mozhaev292 
6.Alexey Titov12 
7.Alexey Krinov368 
8.Andrey Ponomarev371 
9.Yuriy Prostakov119 
10.Mikhail Krinov305 
11.Yuriy Verbitskiy589 
12.Evgenii Solovev721+9
13.Konstantin Avdeev648 
14.Alexey Gavrilov723 
15.Anton BakhurovNEW 
16.Yuriy Popov634 

GER 20.8.2016,  Final standings of Duessi Cup 2016 (Mangfallgeier Dusseldorf Tournaments) - 15 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Linus Restel "Rooster"252 
2.Frank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"383 
3.Thony Restel "Old Rooster"588 
4.Ulrich Hennemann632 
5.Christian Dunnink "Hermd"888 
6.Stefan Kaftan1516+6
7.Michael Bremenfeld2235+43
8.Horst Krausse3549+282
9.Georg Gross2351 
10.Jan Isenberg3807+275
11.Patrick VavasseurNEW 
12.Niklas EhrenbergNEW 
13.Kathi Ilchmann10365+2768
14.Eckhard BremenfeldNEW 
15.Kimi SaffranNEW 

RUS 19.8.2016,  Final standings of Kazan Rookie Tournament #1 (Kazan Rookie League) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Alexander Kozmin3931+1035
2.Konstantin Barabash7511+2634
3.Tagir ShigapovNEW 
4.Farid Askharov6664+343

NOR 17.8.2016,  Final standings of Bergensliga Autumn 2016 #1 (Bergensliga) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Espen Eidsnes173 
2.Darko Mrdalj from Serbia591 
3.Henning Tvedten797 
4.Arne Johannes Holmin141 

CZE 16.8.2016,  Final standings of Litomyslska Stiga Liga 2016 #27 (Litomyslska Stiga Liga) - 5 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Robert Jez277 
2.Josef Sedlacek599 
3.Zdenek Lopaur261 
4.Jindrich Petr633 
5.Adela HorakovaNEW 

NOR 16.8.2016,  Final standings of Jarliga 2016/17 #2 (Jarligaen) - 15 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Magnus Klippen129 
2.Frode Hagerup "The Body"183 
3.Oystein Klippen211 
4.Amund Risa Fylling176 
5.Andreas Fjermestad244 
6.Hans-Oyvind Sagen344 
7.Bjorn Austera1892+317
8.Jac Malvin Salvesen1747+42
9.Farouk Nameal Bkri from Syria1529+17
10.Eskil Sandland1847+50
11.Tobias Risa Fylling1039 
12.Kasper Risa Fylling2242 
13.Erlend Alme3683+211
14.Rikard Oddane2396 
15.Sebastian Lilleore3950 

DEN 14.8.2016,  Final standings of NHL 2016/17 #1 (Bronderslevmesterskabet) - 20 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Bjarne Axelsen87 
2.Anette Engel325 
3.Michael Toft Nielsen453 
4.Fredrik Bodilsen913+29
5.Mads Bodilsen960 
6.Mikkel Gade1570+95
7.Abdulrahman Hajabdo from Syria1768+94
8.William Bodilsen1335 
9.Frederick Bryant3020+521
10.Nico Lyksholm1210 
11.Nour Dalal from Syria978 
12.Yousef Alhazwani from Syria1830 
13.Francis Niyongira from D.R. Congo1743 
14.Grathien Niyonsuti from D.R. Congo1967 
15.Mustafa Hajabdo from Syria2049 
16.Thomas Holm2062 
17.Boniface Niyonzima from D.R. Congo2367+141
18.Rasmus Nielsen2839+41
19.Martin Norgaard2444 
20.Jennifer Mbabazi from D.R. Congo2694 

POL 14.8.2016,  Final standings of Polish Championships 2016 (Polish Championships) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Adam Sowa1186+44
2.Robert Kuchcicki1503 
3.Patryk Sikorski1587 
4.Jan Kapusta2469 

RUS 14.8.2016,  Final standings of Moscow Table Hockey League 2016 Summer #9 (Moscow Table Hockey League) - 16 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Arseniy Stolyarov15 
2.Alexey Titov12 
3.Dmitriy Petrov80 
4.Andrey Ponomarev371 
5.Vyacheslav Kelin1238+285
6.Anton Runenkov115 
7.Petr Mozhaev292 
8.Evgenii Solovev721+9
9.Yuriy Verbitskiy589 
10.Dmitriy Shumilin701 
11.Konstantin Avdeev648 
12.Anton Urakaev714+1
13.Andrey Stolyarov1993+506
14.Alexey Krinov368 
15.Sergey Nekrasov1166 
16.Yuriy Popov634 

RUS 13.8.2016,  Final standings of Summer Cup of Ice Palace 2016 (Cherepovets Summer Cup of Ice Palace) - 7 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Ilya Popov826+22
2.Alexander Larichev318 
3.Alexander Cheboksarov1739+243
4.Ilya Timofeev777 
5.Egor Zaytsev799 
6.Vladimir A. Tolstikov1655 
7.Roman EryominNEW