ITHF World Table Hockey Tour Big Six Tournament   

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14th April 2013
Lukas Turon won the tournament! Results

11th April 2013
Committee of Referees:
Adam Zielinský (Czech Republic)
Kirill Storchak (Russia)
Marko Curkovic (Croatia)
Gergely Regula (Hungary)
Simon Thomas (Great Britain)

9th April 2013
One more country in the list of participants - three players from Croatia will participate.

7th April 2013
We are happy that also players from Finland will arrive - Teemu Koskela and Teuvo Moisa will participate.

4th April 2013
Yevgen Levdansky - the best Ukrainian player, world number 16 - will participate!

4th March 2013
We are happy to announce that first foreign star registered - Peter Östlund will participate!

27th February 2013
Registration to the Czech Open 2013 is open!