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Czech Association of Stiga Game

Czech Open 2006

A part of the World Table Hockey Tour


The tournament will be held on Saturday 8th April 2006. You must pre-register before the tournament via e-mail until 6th April, 12:00 AM. Entry fee for the tournament is 150 Czech crowns (or 6 Euro).

List of pre-registered players.

Welcome to Prague! The registration of all participants will start at the place of event at 8:00 and will end at 8:45.

All participants will be divided into 4, 5 or 6 basic groups (depending on number of overall participants). The final and placement groups will have each 24 players. The best 16 in the final group will qualify for the play-offs. There won't be no bronze-medal match, the bronze position will be decided according to the placement at the final group.

The exception from the international rules and conventions is awarding 3 points for each win. It means you will get more points in Prague than nearly anywhere else in the world! The other difference is using suplaks on each game. It means you will spend less time with taking puck away from your goal-cage and you will be able to score more goals in this saved time. And of course you will beat more Czech players in Prague than enywhere else in the word... If you like the Czech style of table hockey with everlasting offence, the Czech Open is a right choice for you!

Tournament will take place at the dining-hall belonging to the elementary school at street Ohradni - number 49/1366, Prague - Michle - take a look at the map. You can get there by underground - stop Budejovicka (red route; undeground plan) and then about 800 metres on foot.

If you are looking for some accommodation in Prague, do not hesitate to write us and we will help you! Contact person is Vladimir Kraus,, phone number +420 605 821 144.

Medallists of last Czech Open tournaments

23.4.2005, Pribram1. Lukas Turon, 2. Jan Dryak, 3. Stanislav Kraus
1.5.2004, Plzen1. Hans Osterman, 2. Alexey Zaharov, 3. Rickard Sjostedt
1.3.2003, Praha1. Jan Dryak, 2. Vladimir Studnicka, 3. Espen Selbaek

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  • The main organizer of the tournament is Mr. Miloslav Kvasnicka - former Czech representative in cyclocross, the vice-champion at World Championships 1981, 1984 and 1990.

    Miloslav Kvasnicka

    Jan Dryak
    Pavel Plesak
    Antonin Srajer
    David Smid
    Mira Hubacek
    Jakub Sladek
    Marie Vargova
    Martin Kuzel