Introduction of šuplák

Zbyněk Pilař has created a very useful part of the goal cage called "šuplák"

We didn't use any nets in coal cages at Czech tournaments up to this time. The reason was that too many pucks jumped from the goal cage back to the game - so many non-valid goals. We prefered to pick up the puck from the table under the game than to see so many jumping pucks and non-valid goals. I guess you know what I'm writing about ...

One of our players - Zbyněk Pilař - is a very handy man. He thought about the possibility how to improve this situation. After some tests he has created the new plastic part of goal cage which doesn't allow the puck to jump back to the game and at the same time it doesn't let the puck to run on the table. He named it "šuplák" [schupla:k] :o)

We have tested "šuplák" at our tournaments and it worked very well. We decided to use it at all of our tournaments. It will be used also for the Czech Open 2004 in Plzen - the EuroLeague tournament. That's why I would like to introduce it to you ...

The puck is inside šuplák. At this point of view it looks quite similar like the original Stiga goal cage. But there is a very important difference - this one is much deeper and because of its construction it doesn't allow the puck to jump back.

Here you can see šuplák under the game. It's a bit above the table, so there's no problem with lifting the game (šuplák doesn't change any characteristics of the game at all). Šuplák has a gate which doesn't allow the puck to go out.

This picture shows how to pick the puck from šuplák. Because of its depth and construction it's NOT possible to pick up it using the usual "Scandinavian way" - from above the goal cage. It's neccessary to open the gate using your finger (or fingers) and take the puck. The gate can be opened very easily and the puck is right at your fingers. Believe, after few tries you can pick the puck immediately (and with no chance of involuntary moving with the goal cage).

Zbyněk Pilař puts his šuplák to the game. This operation takes less than five seconds.

You will have a chance to try šuplák at the Czech Open 2004. There will be also an opportunity to buy it.

If you wish to order suplak then please send a mail at